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The Purpose of the Association

The association aims to focus its efforts on recruitment, analysis and disseminating information on civil society issues and the rule of law on amendments to the legislation in Republic of Bulgaria, improving the legislative framework by initiating legislative changes and their submission to the legislative and executive power in the Republic of Bulgaria, in the most vulnerable areas of Bulgarian legislation, for example:

Labor legislation - overcoming outdated norms and adaptation to today's civil society

Road Traffic Act - proposing mechanisms to limit The "war" on the roads, to determine fair punishments for those guilty of Accidents, etc.

Banks - increasing consumer rights and opportunities for participation in determining the terms of the contracts

Education - control over the activities of state bodies, preparation of proposals in the preparation of curricula, creation of mechanisms for reduction of aggression in schools, etc.

Domestic violence - creating and supporting established centers for victims of domestic violence

Local government - changes for better local governance power

Public procurement - creation of mechanisms for stricter monitoring at conducting public procurement procedures and strategies for anti-corruption.

Tax legislation - creating an opportunity for adequate protection of citizens against illegal acts of state bodies and increasing the rights of the subjects in the administrative proceedings

Monopoly organizations - creating opportunities for participation and control of citizens on the activity of monopoly companies- electricity distribution companies, water supply companies, mobile operators, etc.

Environmental legislation - limiting environmental pollution from illegal actions of Bulgarian enterprises and monitoring of the activity of the state control bodies, the state bodies and the increase of the rights of the subjects in the administrative proceedings

Protection of children and youth - control over the activities of the state authorities in case of violence against children, etc.

TEMC and NEMC - strategies for control over the activities of medical commissions

Initiating signals about the problems of the citizens to the Ombudsman of the Republic Bulgaria and other competent authorities.

We at Fikama think that the development and support of civil legislative initiative is the way to the establishment of democratic citizenship society and the protection of human rights.