The film shows how Bulgaria is destroying its rivers

A Deutsche Welle film about the rivers of Bulgaria tells how the rivers in our country are being destroyed.

Source: BTV

The 6-minute film won gold at the world’s oldest independent film festival, WorldFest. The first broadcast of the video is in September 2018.

The concrete floods the last wild rivers in Bulgaria, whose nature is still pristine and untouched. The construction of hydropower plants is destroying this paradise – with EU money, informs bTV.

In the Rhodopes, the Gashnya River and several other rivers create a natural paradise with unique nature and fauna.

Stanislav Yankov tells how he gladly came to the fishing pond, now he claims that the fish is disappearing. According to him, the reason is the hydropower plants.

In reality, a concrete dam on the river impedes the free movement of fish. It blocks the river to generate electricity. Almost all the water from the reservoir is pumped to the nearby HPP.

What are the fatal consequences of this electricity generation – see in the video!

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