Air purifying benches are being installed in London

In London, they have set out to reduce urban pollution and install CityTree benches with a filter that purifies the air 275 times more than deciduous trees.

Green systems only need 1% of the space needed for plants. They are installed by the German company Green City Solutions, which has already installed such benches in other cities around the world. Thanks to The Crown State (a private organization that governs the community of Kopona in the public sector), the first such party.

In fact, the device is a combination of pastes and mosses and emits dust, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone gases from the air. There is a built-in system for monitoring the level of pollution, the temperature of the air, the quality of the water, etc. The benches are made of solar panels, filling them with energy, my modernmet reports. And this is a step in the right direction to reduce carbon emissions.

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