There are no inhabitants in 171 settlements in Bulgaria

A total of 617 villages in the country are without population or with a single-digit population, according to a reference by BTA, made in the National Register of Settlements of the NSI for the number of inhabitants by settlements as of December 31, 2019. As of the same date, there are a total of 5,257 inhabitants places, of which the cities are 257, the villages – 4 998, and two are the monasteries with the status of settlements – Klisurski and Rilski. The settlements last year compared to the end of 2018 increased by one after in 2019 created new – St. Constantine in Pazardzhik district. Of all 4,998 villages in Bulgaria, exactly 617 are without population or with a single-digit population or 26 more than in the previous 2018, the data show. The total number of villages with a single-digit population is 446, and 171 are the settlements in which there is not a single permanent inhabitant, as among them is the “youngest” village in our country – St. Constantine. The villages without population increase by 7 compared to 2018. There are exactly 69 villages with one inhabitant in the country. There are two people in 63 settlements and three in 46 villages. 45 settlements in Bulgaria have four inhabitants each. There are 44 villages with five permanent residents and 37 villages with six inhabitants. A total of 44 villages have seven inhabitants each, another 55 have eight inhabitants each, and 43 villages have a population of nine. Most villages without population and with a single-digit number of inhabitants in Gabrovo district.

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