The Netherlands has officially become the first country in the world without a single stray dog!

There are currently hundreds of millions of stray dogs around the world and many organizations (both local and global) are working hard to address this situation, but this is, unfortunately, a long and challenging process.

In recent years, the Dutch government has made incredible efforts to tackle this national and social problem, but the results have not been long in coming… At the end of this year, the government announced that there were no more stray dogs in the country!

They have achieved this impressive result through an in-depth sterilization program, taxation and stricter animal welfare laws.

After large-scale operations and activities throughout the country, each dog was neutered, received medical care and adequate vaccination.

To encourage adoption, the government has increased taxes related to burying a pet. This made the adoption of a dog from a shelter financially more profitable for people!

Stricter animal welfare laws have also been introduced. It is illegal to abandon your pet, and aggression or cruelty to them is punishable by up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 16,000 euros. A special police station has also been set up for the sole purpose of preventing cruelty to animals and preventing their abandonment.

From now on, no dog in the Netherlands will be kicked in the bus stops and will not suffer alone on the cold and dangerous streets…

Let’s hope that Bulgaria will follow the example of the Dutch and all together we will make our country a warm and safe place for all needy puppies!


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